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Tangents has a steadfast community of supporters who have helped keep Tangents on the Bay Area airwaves for 30+ years.

Since 1995 KALW (kalw.org) has been the home for Tangents. All KALW local music programmers are volunteers.

There are significant expenses involved in producing Tangents, such as maintaining Tangents' unique library and radio production software and equipment. Many of the gems heard on Tangents are discovered at the annual European based WOMEX conference that Dore attends. Airfare, lodging, registration, and cd shipping add up to considerable out of pocket expenses.

Please consider supporting Tangents Radio with a (non-deductible) contribution.

All donations are greatly appreciated and you will be recognized on this page unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

Make check out to "Tangents Radio"

Mail to:  Dore Stein/Tangents Radio
             301 Gambier St.
             SF CA 94134-1341



Tangents is far from a one person operation. Volunteers provide a critical backbone to the production of Tangents as well as Tangents events.

Thanks to all who help make Tangents a musical treasure including:

Kent Howard -  Godfather of Tangents Playlists, Gaza Corner audio streamer and music format converter

Harry Weller - Playlist Guru Supreme

Tim Pozar - Master of Mass Email Technology

Chuck Lawrence - Playlist Guru and Tangential Guest DJ Emeritus (dj'ing in Tangential heaven)

Martin MacClain -  Tangential Almanac

Mark and Yoo-Mi - House Party Host Hall of Fame

Barbara Cushman - House Party Host Hall of Fame

Sharon Schantzer - House Party Host Hall of Fame

Hester Lox - Tangential Door Queen
(gracing heaven and checking id's at the welcome gate)

Frank Revi - House Concert Photography

Jennifer Cheek - Tangential Photographer Emeritus

Raymond Van Tassel - Tangential Photographer Emeritus

Clara Hsu - Webberizer and Tangential Partner for Life

Kevin Vance - Gaza Corner Podcast edits

JoAnn Mar - Mondomix editor

Terry Burkes - Web Guru Emeritus

Terence Groeper - Tech Consultant and Membership Drive Phone Operator Supreme

Read Roberts - Tangential Adobeizer

Gari Hegedus - Open Hearted PA System Lender

Brandon Butrick - Provider of All Tech Needs

Alan Goldsworthy - Tangential speakers contributor

Stephen Pacheco - provider of cd cases for Tangents library and Polk Audio speaker contributor

Current Tangential DJ Fill-In Roster:

Bob Duskis - Numero Uno Tangential Guest DJ + Six Degreesizer

Stephen Kent  - Tangential Guest DJ + Didge Man

Jim Santi Owen - Tangential Guest DJ +  tabla/kanjira/drummer extraordinaire

Maria Marquez - Tangential Guest DJ + Sublime Singer

Joanna Manqueros - Tangential Guest DJ

Karen Weiner/Robert Weiner - Tangential Guest DJ Duo

David Harrington - Tangential Guest DJ + Kronoserizer

Greg Landau - Tangential Guest DJ + Tech Consultant

Tangential Patrons

Topher  Delaney

Al Whaley

Adele Mendelson

Julene Kay Johnson

Brenda Cravens

Bruce Cohen

Stephen Brown

Tangential Studio circa 2005: Dore, Kent and Martin

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