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SF Tangents Living Room Concert:

Friday, Sept 22
(6p potluck; 8p first set)

Middle Eastern/Cretan music featuring

Gari Hegedus (multi-instrumentalist)
Sonja Drakulich (vocals)
Faisal Zedan (percussion)
Elana Brutman (Cretan lyra)

Sold out in one week!

Daily Ticket Counter:  8/19/17    40/40 = 100%

                                                Gari Hegedus
Gari Hegedus'repertoire and playing styles reach outward from Greece and Turkey into the Middle East, India and beyond. Gari began his musical career with fiddle and mandolin, and had devoted a decade of his life to the violin before learning of his ancestral Hungarian name, Hegedus, meaning “violinist.” Gari’s main instruments are the oud, violin, saz and mandocello, yet his talent is also proficiently expressed on many other instruments, including the yaylı tanbur, sarod and Persian setar. Being largely self taught, with an insatiable drive for the discovery of new depths and intricacies of playing, he asserts a distinctive talent for capturing the delicate essence of traditional music, offering a passionate, heartfelt uniqueness and freedom of expression. As a composer and performer, Gari has developed the art of taksim (improvisation) to a deeply soulful level for which he has become highly recognized.

In addition to performing with Janam, Teslim, The Helladelics, Eliyahu and the Qadim Ensemble, Hamed Nikpay, and numerous other Bay Area Balkan ensembles, he is a luthier. Gari spends many hours making and repairing old sazes and ouds he finds and coaxing out the true voice of these treasures. Gari has recorded and performed with the world's foremost Cretan lyra artist, Ross Daly, and 
studied with Iraqi oud master Naseer Shamma. He has toured with the Mevlevi Dervish (Sufi) Order of America and continues to participate in Turkish ceremonial and devotional gatherings around the country.

With the Oct 7-21 Tangents Greece Music Tour two months off (3 spaces left), I asked Gari to form a trio that would be in the spirit of Greek or Cretan culture. On this special evening Gari will be joined by his long time musical partner, Syrian percussionist Faisal Zedan, and Elana Brutman (Cretan lyra). As I write, Elana is in Crete studying with Ross Daly at the Labyrinth school.  And Gari emailed me August 15 to tell me Stellamara's vocalist Sonja Drakulich will join the group to sing some Greek and Cretan songs!

Gari Hegedus/ Sonja Drakulich/ Faisal Zedan/ Elana Brutman Tangents Party Logistics:

Date: Friday, September 22

Sold Out!

Party includes a sumptuous Tangential pot luck and two music sets. 

Potluck 6p-7:30p

First Set: 8p

Second Set: 9:30ish

If you have questions email or call:  tangentsradio(at) /  415 584-4367.

Thanks and hope to see ya!