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Subi Memorial

SF Tangents Party: Fri., Sept 22

Middle Eastern/Cretan music feat:
Gari Hegedus
Sonja Drakulich (vocals)
Faisal Zedan (percussion)
Elana Brutman (Cretan lyra)

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Rescued from a kill shelter in Manteca, Petey Pumpkinhead III entered our lives 7 years ago. Abused by a previous owner he was skittish and nippish. That changed with love, affection and attention.

He was a majestic furry orange tabby. His coat emitted a perpetually lovely fragrance. He had the sexiest strut with an ever present erect tail and endearing behind.

Petey had simple needs. Belly rubs topped the list. He loved resting in his backyard igloo. He would prance out when I entered the yard and open wide for belly rubs and rolly polly.

He bonded with Klimey who also was rescued from a shelter. Klimey loved licking Petey and taught Petey how to love back. They were inseparable.

Petey-Weedy (as we called him) evolved into the sweetest and most gentle of companions. When hungry, he would jump into bed and delicately place his paw on my face. No histrionics, just a love tap and breakfast was on.

He loved sleeping inside the space between my legs or alongside the curve of Clara's thigh. His body language suggested the most delicious of dreams. He also had the squeakiest yawn when awakened.

Petey had a ravenous appetite and wore his weight well. That changed last October when he dropped 2 pounds in short order and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

He continued to lose weight but his sweet demeanor never changed. Although not a lap cat during his youth, lately I would place him in my lap in the back yard and we would stay together for long periods. These were cherished moments. Klimey would join us and stay by Petey's side.

Strong medication was required every 8 hours to dissipate the fluid in his lungs. No matter how much lasix was dosed, it could not stay on top of the progression of his heart disease.

Last week Petey hit a low point and could hardly breath. He hadn't eaten for 2+ days. We upped the lasix and he recovered miraculously. His breathing appeared normal and he started eating - but only food fresh out of the can. He ate more than he had in months. He had playful sparring sessions with Klimey, tons of rolly polly and belly rubs, his tail was erect and he slept next to my face the other day.

Today he had a good appetite in the early afternoon. I didn't see him the rest of the day. When the thunder rumbled and the rain came pouring down I went outside.

He was in the igloo. I tipped it and he ran inside. But something was wrong.

His breathing was labored. Petey could not catch his breath. He had breathing attacks before and I had feared the worst, yet Petey always persevered.

An hour or so later when Clara came home, Petey's condition had worsened. When he walked from under a table to lie down in the litter box that was an alarming signal. I picked him up and he let out a cry. Petey went under the bed where Klimey was and continued to make anguished yelps.

We left him alone. Petey soon emerged and we put him in a blanket by the heater.

He wanted to be left alone.

Petey-Weedy barely could walk and stumbled out the bedroom and down a few steps to the cat door. Somehow he pushed himself through. The igloo was two feet from the door.

We let him be.

An hour later Clara checked on Petey.

His fur was gorgeous. His body still warm.

But Petey had passed.

He never made it to the igloo.

Moti has been missing since Sept 2014.  On Jan 23, 2015 while walking in McClaren Park a cat resembling Moti emerged on a tree branch above a thicket of bushes. This brightened our hearts as Clara and I imagine Moti as a feline Tarzan.  Clara wrote the below poem before we confirmed the cat was not Moti.

Moti Sighting
by Clara Hsu

Who sits on a branch
above a field of thorns?
My cat. My cat.

Who listens to his names
and twitches his ears?
My cat. My cat.

His looks have changed since autumn
from living wild and eating mice.
We’re trespassing his kingdom
that can’t be bought
 any price.

Running streams.
Catnip on the hills.

October 2017 Tangents
Greece Music Tour 3 Spaces Left

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On recent scouting trip to Greece, Dore was entertained by Cretan cats in Chania, Crete - one of the stops on the Oct 2017 Tangents Greece Music  Tour.
Photo by Donna Ludlow

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Romania - At Home with the Gypsies
September 2-10, 2017

China - A Musical Discovery
September 16-25, 2017

India - Rajasthan Musical Adventure
September 28-October 10, 2017

Argentina - Get Tangoed!
November 2017

Senegal - Never Mind the Mbalax
November 17-26, 2017

Gaza Facts

Click link above to get facts about Gaza, a collaborative project by Jewish Voice for Peace Bay Area (JVP-BA) and the Council on American-Islamic Relations San Francisco Bay Area (CAIR-SFBA).

Physicians for Human Rights – Israel (PHRI); The only Israel based NGO providing medical assistance to Gazans. Click above logo to donate.

Click below for the withdrawn 2017 UN report:
“Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid”

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Saturdays 11p on Tangents, 91.7 fm SF, webcast/archived at

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Gaza Corner includes news and opinion from the Middle East (and beyond) often ignored by the mainstream media followed by music from the relevant country or culture.

Gaza Corner was originally conceived to focus attention on relieving the humanitarian crisis in Gaza which has been under a severe blockade imposed by Israel since 2006.  Gaza Corner has evolved to include the Middle East, Magreb, Kurdistan and Turkey.

 Click headlines below for full stories. 
Headlines are sometimes retitled to more accurately reflect content.

Gaza Corner Audio 8/12/17

As the U.S. follows Trump's orders to bomb the shit out of IS, it has emerged as Syria's most lethal killer of civilians. In May and June combined, the U.S. led coalition killed more civilians than the Assad regime, the Russians or the Islamic State. Nowhere is the war against civilians more deadly than in the on-going annihilation of  ISIS-occupied Raqqa.

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Smoke rises from a coalition airstrike on the eastern side of Raqqa on 26 July, when 62 civilians were reportedly killed by such attacks. Photograph courtesy of AP

US-led anti-Isis campaign in Raqqa 'failing to avoid civilian deaths' 

Hundreds of residents in Syrian city reportedly killed by airstrikes on Isis stronghold amid changes in targeting policy under Trump


“In Raqqa city, if you don’t die from airstrikes, you die by mortar fire; if not by mortars then by sniper shots; if not by snipers, then by an explosive device,” MSF said, quoting a 41-year-old patient with shrapnel wounds who lost seven family members in the fighting. “And if you get to live, you are besieged by hunger and thirst, as there is no food, no water, no electricity.”

Airwars estimated that 119 children had been killed in the campaign to liberate Raqqa city, out of an estimated 340 civilian casualties in June and July, with casualties rising sharply in recent weeks.

courtesy of Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently

Burning Raqqa 

The U.S. war against civilians in Syria


Islamic State fighters have now essentially been defeated in Mosul after a nine-month, U.S.-backed campaign that destroyed significant parts of Iraq’s second largest city, killing up to 40,00 civilians and forcing as many as one million more people from their homes.

Dore note: The US approach in Raqqa, Syria is more of the same resulting in a what feels to inhabitants as a war on civilians. 

From Wassim Abdo’s perspective, the coalition campaign in Syria has so far killed his parents and nephew and ruined his hometown. “My opinion of the international coalition is that it’s a performance by the international community to target civilians and infrastructure and to destroy the country. And this type of warfare is not part of eliminating Daesh.”
(Laura Gottesdiener, Le Monde Diplomatique 8/2/17)
This article originally appeared at TomDispatch.com.

Some of the many children reported killed in the fierce
battle for control of Raqqa city since June 6th.
courtesy of Airwars.org

Children pay high price in fight
to take Raqqa from ISIS


Airwars has tracked as many as 119 children alleged killed in Coalition actions since June 6th. Based on the quality of local reports, at least 87 and as many as 100 of those deaths appear likely to have resulted from US-led actions.

According to the local media activist group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently (RBSS), 50,000 civilians are in ISIS-held areas of the city.

RBSS publishes hourly updates via Twitter on the U.S. backed assault on Raqqa.

Coalition civilian casualty claims double under Donald Trump


The high civilian toll in part reflects the brutal final stages of the war, with the densely populated cities of Mosul and Raqqa under heavy assault by air and land. But there are also indications that under President Trump, protections for civilians on the battlefield may have been lessened—with immediate and disastrous results.

“Remarkably, when I interview families at camps who have just fled the fighting, the first thing they complain about is not the three horrific years they spent under ISIS, or the last months of no food or clean water, but the American airstrikes,” said Belkis Wille, Iraq researcher for Human Rights Watch. “Many told me that they survived such hardship, and almost made it out with the families, only to lose all their loved ones in a strike before they had time to flee.”

Iraq/Syria: Danger From U.S. White Phosphorus


“No matter how white phosphorus is used, it poses a high risk of horrific and long-lasting harm in crowded cities like Raqqa and Mosul and any other areas with concentrations of civilians,” said Steve Goose, arms director at Human Rights Watch.

“Horrific civilian harm from previous use of white phosphorus has generated public outrage and this latest use of white phosphorus underscores the urgent need for states to strengthen international law relating to incendiary weapons,” Goose said.

Gaza Corner Audio 7/15/17

April’s inaugural Palestine Music Expo (PMX) was the first opportunity for a vibrant but sealed off Palestinian music scene to connect with the international music industry.

In all 8 acts secured international representation - more than 30%. Tthe average is less than 5%. A blueprint appears to be in place and PMX 2018 is penciled in.

related articles:

Dispatch from Rammallah

The inaugural music expo taking place in Palestine is aimed at shining a much-needed spotlight on burgeoning local artists

(Tom Horan, Songlines Magazine Issue 129, July 2017)

(available at newsstands or by on-line subscription)

The theatricality of Weimar cabaret with added violins and rockabilly … Rasha Nahas live at PMX. 
Photograph: Sami Alalul or Breathing Stories 

The Musicians Shaking Up the Occupied Territories

Refugee rappers, ska stars from the Golan Heights, the Kraftwerk of the Levant … meet the acts redefining Palestine in the shadow of the wall and the watchtowers
(Tom Horan, Guardian UK, 4/17/17)

The First Palestine Music Expo Hopes to Open Doors for Region's Musicians


The expo showcases Palestinian music acts, most of whom have never met anyone from the music industry nor performed outside the West Bank.

“Most people don’t know that there is a Palestinian music scene. If you tell them you’re from a hard rock band or a metal band from Palestine, they won’t believe you,” said PMX co-founder Abed Hathot.

Indepth interview by
Larry LeBlanc with Palestinian Musician, Composer, and Music Producer Abe Hathot

Hathot is allso one of the prime movers behind the first Palestine Music Expo (PMX)
(Tom Horan, Guardian UK, 4/17/17)

Why these 7 music business execs just visited Palestine – and want you to join them


Imagine not being able to play a gig 40 minutes down the road because you don’t have the right permit to travel, imagine there were no promoters to put on your shows at any stage in your career; these are just a few of the issues facing the Palestinian musicians we met recently as part of the newly set-up Palestine Music Expo (PMX).

One of the things that struck me most from these conversations was as Palestinian’s they must obtain permits to travel into Israel, which are very rarely granted meaning not only can they not play in the country, but that some of their favourite artists will come to Tel Aviv and they have no way of going to see them; as no international acts play in Palestine.

Palestine Music Expo Preview
(JustaPlatform.com, 11/17/16)

Palestine Music Expo Looks to Draw Attention to a Burgeoning Industry


PMX co-founder Martin Goldschmidt:

"During conflict, one of first human expressions to be limited is a people's artistic culture. Its prominence in everyday society is relegated and the world is denied the positive messages that music and art delivers. PMX is being created to highlight and remind people of what music can do to reinforce a message of hope and bring Palestinian culture into wider consciousness by supporting some damn good music."