January 28, 2017

The inaugural Tangents Greece Music Tour sold out in less than a week. I'm hopeful the 2017 music tour will be the first of several annual music tours in Greece.

If you would like to be on a 2017 wating list or in the loop for future Greece music tours, email tangentsgreecetour (at) gmail.com.

As with the Tangents Turkey Music Tours, there are 10+ world class concerts, mostly in intimate settings. We travel the country and opt for charming and culturally authentic instead of Western
styled deluxe hotels.

Greece has extraordinary problems but is safe, beautiful, has a rich and diverse music scene and the people are among the most hospitable on earth. (as are Turks)

There are significant challenges.
Ross Daly told me "Greece is a failed state for musicians." Yet after recently meeting musicians and others from one end of Greece to the other I am confident these challenges can be overcome.  An ambitious tour like this can not happen without the support of musicians (including Ross) and other members of the music industry who supported me every step of the way from my first day in Greece.

Tour itinerary hubs are Athens, Chania (Crete), Thessaloniki, Pelion and Ioannna. Athens is home to many of the top musicians in Greece and our hotel is across from the Acropolis Museum. We stay in the old town section of Chania near the harbor, a picturesque charming setting on the island Crete.  Thessaloniki is probably the hippest city in Greece. Pelion is a gentle mountain with ubiquitous natural flowing fountains. Ioannina is in NW Greece near the Pindos Mountains where the 46 villages that comprise Zagorohoria boast magnificent views and wild beauty. This region is home to the Epirus style of music.

To get a feel for Tangents music tours you can access testimonials and  philosophy links.

I'll leave it to Mark Twain to get in the last word:

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."

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Dore entertained  by Cretan cats on recent visit to Chania, Crete.
(Photo by Donna Ludlow, 10/8/16)

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   Tangents Greece Music Tour: Sold Out!
 October 7-24, 2017